How To Make Money On A Website Blogging As Digital Nomad Traveling & Working Remotely

If you want to learn how to make money blogging on a website as Digital Nomad traveling, and working remotely with A2 Hosting, Bluehost, Siteground, or WPEngine, you need to take action now, stop procrastinating, and ditch the cookie advice you’ve been following and not making you succeed in the blogging business websites.

Indulge Nomad is excited to show you how to make money blogging on a website as a Digital Nomad and grow your business to a profitable passive income.  Do you want to make money with fewer efforts? There are endless opportunities and potential ways to earn money blogging that are covered in this blog post. 

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Blogging provides you a platform to share and write about any topic with a profitable niche (that has a market value), as well as niches that you’re passionate about where you can post regularly.

You can write in any form i.e. formal or conversational or informal.  Bloggers have started earning millions per year or thousands of dollars per month, and you can also do the same with consistency and effort.

It requires very little investment with passive income and great profit; you can do it with a mobile or laptop wherever you have a good internet connection.

You can write about anything you want to write about provided is based on a market factor. You really don’t need to be a scholar at a particular niche or topic to start blogging.


How To Make Money Blogging & Become A Successful Blogger?

How to make money blogging on a website as a Digital Nomad?  Choose your niche or whatever topic you are going to write about with potential audience and earnings that will provide you passive income. 

Write topics implementing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so your posts will appear on Google search results whenever your potential audience is searching for your keywords. Learn as much about SEO guidelines, as it will help your website get ranked on the first pages of Google and other search engine results.  Here are some easy step-by-step online courses and tutorials about SEO for blogging here and here that you can learn from.

Here are some of the best SEO courses that will help improve your SEO skills.  I can’t stress enough the importance of implementing SEO from the very beginning you start writing.  It’s good practice.

The more you create and publish content, the more you will get organic traffic from Google, thus, in return, more profit and passive income.  Through blogging, you can publish any topic that fits within your niche or whichever you think should be known by your audience. 

Incorporate aesthetically pleasing images within your blog posts.  You can edit your images through Canva, Photoshop, or Lightroom so they’re more visually appealing to your audience as well.

Create a social media account and stay active there as well in conjunction with your blog.  Having a social media account also allows you to network with like-minded bloggers and as well as promote your blog.


9 Ways How To Make Money Blogging

Here are 9 ways to make money from your blog if you’re wondering and have been searching for how do bloggers make money, how to monetize a blog, and the best way to earn money online with blogging.

The majority of people with blogs have been able to earn money for a living.  In order to make money blogging, you should choose a profitable niche, post consistently and monetize each post with a variety of options such as affiliate marketing, display advertisements, online courses, services, or products.

1. Choose A Niche Or Topic Based On Market Demand

Regardless of the niche or topic, you have chosen to blog about, ensure that you are providing of great value so your audience will always come back to your site and they will eventually become your loyal customers or readers.

Choose a niche or topic based on market factors as well as your passion for monetizable in mind.  For example, if you’re into DIY, home decor, or traveling, you can easily write about these topics by sharing your experiences or showing them how to and what to do’s. 

We can’t stress enough how important it is to choose a niche that has a demand for it.  Yes, your passion is also as important so you will not get bored and get burnt out eventually.  However, if your passion does not have a demand or market for it then it will be harder for you to make money from your blog.

Within each article, you can incorporate affiliate marketing products and display ads.

2. Keyword Research And Write Rich SEO Content

Perform deep keyword research over your chosen topic before writing your posts.  We recommend asking yourself if the topics you’ve chosen have enough search volume or queries that you can write about.  

This keyword research tool is so valuable in analyzing your keywords and identifying whether or not it will be a profitable topic for the foreseeable future.  

Researching your topics will not only help you to serve valuable content but will also help you to get organic traffic in the long-term.  It will also provide you with great knowledge about the content you are going to serve to your potential audience.

Once you’ve identified whether your keywords are profitable or have enough market for it, write rich SEO content around those topics to ensure that you will eventually appear on Google search whenever your readers or customers search for your keywords.

We highly advise you to incorporate the keywords you’re targeting sparingly within your post so it will sound natural and organic when a reader lands on your posts.

SEO is extremely valuable when it comes to content marketing.  It is one of the best strategies to enhance your visibility on Google to increase organic traffic and increase online passive income from your blog.  Provided you have adequately monetized your posts.

3. Make Money From Online Courses and Workshop

In today’s world, we all are digitally very established. It is the best content you can offer. At present, to reduce the wastage of time and money people have started joining online courses/ workshops to learn the topic of interest from home with great ease.

Here are some of the best courses on how to start an online course so you can teach your audience and offer your skills.

With your online courses, you can offer people virtual education. If you enjoy teaching or showcasing tutorials, you can provide value through blog posts, courses, or video content to your audience.

With the help of the internet, you can easily learn here how to start your online courses or workshops so once you’re ready you can incorporate your online courses on your blog in order to earn money online.

Know the market value. If you are opening any online courses or workshops through your blog. Know what kind of courses people are interested to learn and willing to pay for your service. Whatever the course you are offering, check if it has a market value or not.  Check if it will help you to get a good audience or not.

To attract more customers, you can also award them certificates after completing their online courses.

4. How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning from a commission by promoting other people’s business, products, or services.  Here are some of the best affiliate marketing online courses that you can learn from so you can start earning money from your blog. 

You must have seen many blogs or websites in which bloggers promote other people’s products through deep links within their posts or some kind of banners.

Before you can monetize through affiliate marketing, you can join Skimlinks (one of the best Affiliate Network Partners) as a publisher for you to promote other people’s products from different niches or topics that fit around your blog topics.  

Skimlinks is a network that connects Merchants and Publishers.  Skimlinks has a variety of Merchants (companies) offering various products and services from different niches that you can easily partner with once you’ve been approved by Skimlinks.  

Additionally, you can join other network and affiliate programs such as Amazon, Linkshare, Commission Junction, or Clickbank.

Once you’ve found the products from Skimlinks and other Affiliate Networks that you would like to promote in your blog, you’ll be able to earn great commission fees when people click on your links and make a purchase from your blog posts.

We highly suggest writing content that pertains to your chosen topic and publishes all types of how to’s, or what to’s based on those keywords you’re targeting.  Add your affiliate links within each post.  Most people are more likely to click on your affiliate links if they’re integrated within your post.

5. How To Make Money From Display Ads (Advertising)?

There are different types of ways to make money from display ads on your blog or website.  Advertising plays an important role in making money in your blog.  

You can join Sovrn, Google Adsense, Ezoic, Mediavine, so you can display multiple ads within your posts or blog.  However, some of these Network Ads require a minimum of at least 10000 page views.  If you’re still new to blogging you might have to wait until your website traffic increases.  

Through these Network Ads, you’ll be able to earn based on either CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Mille or Cost Per Thousand), or RPM. 

6. How To Make Money From Freelancing

You can use your blog as your portfolio to showcase your work if you plan to make extra money online through freelancing.  There are other bloggers or website owners who are always looking for content creators or writers.  

Without a doubt, many bloggers also earn money through freelance writing for other blogs and websites to supplement their income. You can learn from here how to scale your online business through freelancing so you can supplement your blogging income.

Once you’ve created your services as a freelancer, you can use this software tool, which helps you save time managing multiple clients, keeping track of your clients’ invoices, managing your expenses, organizing your proposals, schedules, and other time-consuming administration tasks that are involved in your online business.  

With more time that’s freeing up from your tasks, you’ll be able to concentrate on creating and publishing your freelancing services and focus on growing your online business.

You can also hire other freelancers’ services to help with your online business.  This site also offers many freelancer services to other bloggers and entrepreneurs to take on multiple online jobs from various categories.  

In addition to your online blogging business, you can also become a freelancer here and offer your services in different skills once you’re ready. 

You will be paid either per hour, per project, or per word if you were to offer freelance writing or other skills that you’re good at.  Therefore, it can be a viable option to work as a freelance writer while at the same it allows you to grow your own blog.

Blogging is definitely a great platform to promote your own freelancing work as some companies do not rely on new freelancers without reviews and samples of work, but after a company checks on your work from your blog, they can easily hire you without a doubt.

7. How To Make Money From eCommerce Online Store Or Selling Your Own Products?

Having an eCommerce Online Store or selling your own products is another way to make money from your blog.  It’s also a great way to create passive income online.

Woocommerce or Shopify are some of the best e-commerce integrations for your blog once you start selling your own products or services from your blog.  It’s very easy to integrate.  

Depending on the niche you’re blogging about there are endless product ideas that you will be able to sell from your online store through your blog.

If you create content or blog posts based on those products, you’ll easily drive organic traffic to your online store.  This, in turn, will give you the extra income you need in the long-term.

8. How To Make Money From Sponsored Posts?

There is a possibility that you could also make money from sponsored posts.  In order to land a paid sponsored ship, you need to create multiple sponsorship proposals to different brands that you’re willing to work with and promote their products or services.

Here are some amazing freelancers that have created and produced successful paid sponsorship proposals for their clients.  You will be able to collaborate and work with different brands promoting their products through content marketing in the form of sponsored posts. 

The brand usually pays you a one-time payment or a set of amounts before you write a post about their product and publish it on your blog.

However, this type of income is not passive.  You can’t always rely on making money from different brands through sponsored posts as it’s not always consistent.

9. How To Make Money From Selling Services From Your Blog?

Similar to coaching, or selling your own products, you can always make money from your blog selling services

Some examples are selling your service as an online teacher, online coach, freelance writer, designer, photographer, programmer, fashion stylist and etc.  Depending on your blog niche, you can come up with different ideas for selling your own services.

Here, you can learn more about how to sell your online services in order to make money from your blog.  Everyone is skilled at something, your skills in any topic can be sold digitally instead of you having to be present in person. 


How To Start A Blog To Make Money?

1. Choose Your Niche Or Topics First And Perform Keyword Research

As mentioned above, you must choose your niche or topics first before you start a blog.  If you are passionate about so many things you can brainstorm ideas around those topics.

We highly recommend doing some keyword research about your chosen topic first so you can analyze whether or not your niche has a market for it and it will be profitable in the long-term.

Check all your keywords and topics on the Keyword Search tool in order to identify whether or not your topics based on different keywords have enough or large search volumes. 

Those keywords will serve you a purpose to write as much content for your potential readers.  And, in return, you will be able to monetize your blog because there’s a market for it.

Therefore, your blog can be focused or slightly general like a lifestyle.  Having a unique experience with something can also add value to your blog.

For example, if you have a vibrant personality or expert on some topics, you’ll be able to attract like-minded people that are also searching on Google.  Basically, you can ask yourself whether or not you enjoy learning and sharing about a specific topic you’re interested in and that others are also interested in your topics.

2. Choose Your Brand Name & Check Social Media Handles

Once you’ve identified or have decided on your niche, you can start brainstorming your brand name or your URL domain name.

Before buying your domain name, please check all social media platforms whether or not the brand name you’ve chosen is available.  Check Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or YouTube if your brand name has already been used by someone else.

You don’t want to make the same mistakes as we did in the past.  We bought our domain name first without realizing that someone already owns the same name as our domain name on their social media platforms because we didn’t check them beforehand.

If you find that no one has taken your brand name, then we highly recommend registering an account for your brand name across all social media platforms before buying your domain name.

After all, when the readers see the name of your blog, it should somehow represent your overall niche.  However, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a random brand name that does not really correlate with your niche.  It’s up to you how you can represent your branding based on your blog posts.

You can also choose your own name for your business or brand and even a clever or unique combination of words that can easily represent any given topics you write about.  Without a doubt, incorporating a word or two that pertains to your niche in your domain name clearly signals what your content is about.  It will also help your readers identify the type of blog they’re visiting.

3. Buy Your Domain Name

Once you’ve chosen your domain name, check if your domain name is available for purchase.

We recommend buying a domain name with an extension of .com so it’s easier to remember.  If your domain name is available you can easily purchase it here at an affordable price.

4. Choose A Hosting Company For Your Blog On WordPress

Now that you’ve purchased your domain name, it’s important that you also select and purchase your monthly hosting.

Hosting is where all your website data are stored.  Data such as all your content, posts, email, plugins, themes, and all other technical data that requires to function your blog or website.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the best hosting on the market.  We can vouch for this as we currently use A2 Hosting.  They have amazing customer service whenever you need help with technical issues.

A2 Hosting offers multiple web hosting plans starting at $2.99Their hosting plan can provide up to 20X faster web hosting with unlimited SSD space and transfer. 

They also offer free site migration, which means that if you currently have a blog hosted somewhere else, they can migrate it when you sign up with A2 Hosting for free.

They also offer free automatic backups.  This is highly important as you just never know what could happen to your blog at a given time.

If you’re not happy with their service, they offer at any time money-back guarantee.  But this has never happened to us.

They also have fast speed optimized WordPress, which means your website won’t be slow and therefore it will increase your organic traffic.

They also offer a free SSL Certificate for your website domain.  This is very important for security purposes and will also improve your ranking on google.

They have a 99.9% uptime commitment and 24/7/365 crew support to help you whenever you need them.

Find out here for more options with A2 Hosting WordPress Solution Plans for your blog.

Once you’ve selected your hosting plan package with A2 Hosting, you need to head to your cPanel then add domains.  Add the domain name that you’ve just purchased under the domain.

Once you’ve added your domain name, go back to cPanel then select WordPress – A2 Optimized just under Softaculous Apps Installer.  You can then select install. 

And then fill in all the required information on the WordPress installation including your login details.  This is the easiest way to install WordPress. 

Once you’ve successfully installed WordPress, you will be given a login link so you can head over to WordPress and login successfully so you can start adding your theme, customizing, and adding your blog posts.

Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost is another hosting that we’ve used in the past.  They also offer a free domain name for the first year, a free SSL certificate, and 24/7 support.

They also offer a variety of web hosting plans starting at $2.95 that allows you to add unlimited websites, unmetered SSD storage, unlimited subdomains, and many more.  Find here for more options to choose from.

Click here so you can select the “get started now” for your web hosting plan and your domain name.

You can then select your plan that’s suitable for your needs.  If you plan on having multiple blogs or websites in the future, we highly recommend selecting the plus or the prime plans.

If you’ve already decided on your domain name, just type it under the “new domain” section and then click “next”.  Alternatively, if you’ve already purchased your domain name from another company, you can just enter it under the “I have a domain name” section.

And then enter your contact information so you can start moving on to the next step.

The next step is you can select the “package information” section.  You can select the 36 months upfront to prepay in order to receive an amazing hosting discount at such a small price.

Otherwise, if you find that the 36 monthly upfront payment might be too costly for you, you can simply just choose the 12 months upfront payment option.

The best thing about choosing the 36 monthly upfront payment is that you’ll be able to receive a variety of discounts such as the Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate which is highly recommended to add to your blog for security purposes.

Additionally, you don’t even need to worry about having to renew your monthly hosting plan because you’re technically registered for the next 36 months.  You’ll just have to ensure that you renew your next hosting place on the next renewal date before the 36 month expires.

Now, you can finally enter your billing information in order to complete your registration with Bluehost Hosting.  You must select to agree to their “Terms of Service” agreement, and then click “submit”.

After submitting your billing details, you need to type in a strong password for your account.  This is important, so you’ll be able to login to your Bluehost Hosting features after creating a secured password.

Also, the secured password that you’ve entered will be used for your hosting payment information for certification purposes whenever you need to contact Bluehost for extra support.  Therefore, ensure that you keep a secure copy of your password and login details for future access.

Congratulations!! At this stage, you’re finally registered with Bluehost hosting and have successfully created your secured password.  You’re getting closer!  Now click “log in” so you can start familiarizing yourself with WordPress.

Once logged in, your account will open for the first time.  You should see an option to choose a theme.  A website or blog theme is basically a design, layout, and structure of your blog or how you would like your blog appearance to look.

You can click the “Skip This Step” for now below the offered themes.  Complete setting up your blog first before adding your blog theme.

Once you’ve skipped the blog themes, click “Start Building”.  By clicking that,  Bluehost should automatically install WordPress for your blog.  This is fantastic because they never used to do this before.  Fortunately, they’ve now made everything extremely easy for beginners to register Bluehost hosting, domain, and WordPress platform installed correctly.

Back in the day when we first started blogging it used to involve other technical details and steps to set up WordPress the proper way.  Thankfully, Bluehost’s automatic WordPress installation feature is so much easier now to prevent any confusion, frustrations, and headaches for beginners.

Once set up, you will then be redirected to your WordPress dashboard (see image below).  Your WordPress front page should say “Welcome to WordPress”.  Your WordPress should be your platform to log into once you start customizing your blog design or theme, start writing posts under “Add New”, and publish your posts.

Hover onto your WordPress dashboard menu under Bluehost then “Home”, and then select that so you’ll be able to enter your website or blog title, site description and then click the “Launch” and “Next Step”.

After clicking “Launch” you have finally launched your new website or blog.  To get back to your WordPress, you can easily click “Log In to WordPress”.  You can start customizing or adding your blog theme, starting writing your blog posts, and publish.


How To Add A Blog Theme Design & Customize Your Blog Theme?

Adding a blog theme is important in order to have a completely functional blog that’s beautifully designed.  There are a variety of themes you can get from Mojo Marketplace, Elegant Themes, StudioPress, and 17th Avenue Designs.

These themes are available in a variety of beautiful designs that are SEO optimized, conversion-focused, high speed, intuitive, user-friendly, beautiful, and unique.

Once you’ve purchased your themes and downloaded them, you can upload your theme to your WordPress dashboard.  All themes from a developer usually come with instructions on how to install them on your WordPress.

In your WordPress dashboard, hover to “Appearance” on the left side and then click “Themes”.  Click “Add New” at the top left of your themes to add your blog theme.


How To Get Blog Traffic & Make Money From Your Blog?

Keyword Research, Implement SEO & Choose A Niche With Demand

We need traffic or visitors to our blog in order to make money, right?  We always encourage everyone especially beginner bloggers to perform deep keyword research before even writing a post.

Keysearch is one of the best keyword tools to use so you can identify profitable keywords and improve your SEO and ranking.

As mentioned above, try to choose a niche or topic for your blog that has enough demand or market in other words make sure that the search volume for your niche is at least medium to high (e.g: 500+ search volume) on any topic around your niche.  

Also, make sure that your niche has slightly enough competition but not too high so you won’t be competing against big brands or big websites on the market.

Before writing each post, we encourage everyone to perform some keyword research on Keysearch to analyze the competitiveness of the keyword or topic you’re targeting to get ranked for on google and if it has enough search volume.

Keyword Search is an amazing tool to help your search for any keywords within your niche you’re planning to write about and get ranked for on google.  You’ll be able to see if you have the potential to rank on the first page of google for that particular keyword.

Once you’ve identified your keywords, write a comprehensive post.  Add your keywords in your title, subheadings, meta tag, and in your content sparingly so Google will know what your topic and keywords are about.  This will eventually help you rank on Google and get more traffic eventually.

Google prefers longer posts now as compared to what it was in the past.  If your posts contain at least 3000+ words you will have a higher chance of ranking on Google. 

Make sure that you don’t just write fluff words.  Write posts with the intent of providing high value to your readers.  We find that comprehensive or detailed and informative posts with listicles and sub-headings are easier to read and absorb information and therefore readers will stay longer on your site.  

Google will reward blogs with informative posts and a low bounce rate.  This means that your readers are reading your blog posts and are not clicking away too soon.  This reduces your bounce rate, and will also improve your ranking.  In return, your traffic will grow.

Alternatively, you can hire some of the best writers online to write your articles or blog posts for your blog.  These writers are experienced with keyword research, content marketing, and SEO.

Just search some of the best writers here so you can order your job.  All you need to prepare is to write some descriptions for your articles including the title, the topic of the article, your specific targeted keywords, and SEO.

Find out more writers to help you with your profitable blog posts here.

Write & Post Consistently With Quality

Google loves rewarding blogs with consistent blog posts with quality.  Even if you’re just writing and posting once a week or once every two to three weeks make sure that you stick to your routine.

We know how hard and time-consuming it can be writing long posts especially if you’re also working a day job.  However, you need to be posting consistently in order to grow your blog, get more traffic, and make money from your online business.

Getting other experienced writers to write your blog posts and articles for your website is a viable option.  It’s economically a feasible option especially if you have a day job, still working or studying, if you have limited time, but want to grow your online business as fast as possible.

This advice is not new.  If your blog has hardly any posts because you don’t have enough time to write your posts, you won’t get ranked on Google or it’ll probably take a very long time, and therefore you won’t be able to earn money from your blog.

Also, writing quality posts is more important than quantity and fluffed words.

Share Your Posts To Your Social Media

Whichever social media platform you’re registered with, share your blog and blog posts to all of them.  Even if you haven’t gained enough followers yet, it’s good practice to start sharing from the beginning.

Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms to get more traffic to your blog over time.  Because Pinterest is much like a media or image search engine where people search for any topic.

You can easily get someone to manage your Pinterest marketing if you’re not familiar with how to promote your blog content to Pinterest.  Here are some of the best Pinterest managers that you can connect with so you can grow your blog through Pinterest marketing.

Joining the Facebook group is also another way to get traffic to your blog.  It allows you to network with other like-minded bloggers.  If you’ve already created your own Facebook group and page, you can also start sharing them.

Instagram is another big social platform that you can share your blog URL on your bio.  Also posting images with captions and stories to your Instagram should help drive traffic to your blog.  People from Instagram that are curious about your and your content, will check your Instagram bio and eventually click on your blog URL.

YouTube is another fantastic platform for creating and sharing videos.  You can also start creating YouTube videos that pertain to your blog niche.  You can share your blog on your video and on your YouTube description.


There you have it, we hope that this post has been very beneficial and helpful in making you money from your blog.  Just remember that making money from your blog won’t come as easy or overnight. 

It takes time, dedication, consistency, perseverance, and nurturing.  You have to treat your blog as your online business right from the beginning.  It’s a good practice.  Even if it takes time to earn your money.  

Let us know if you have other ways and tips on how to make money blogging that you would like to share with us.  We’re happy to hear about your experience as well.

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