8 Best Online Jobs From Home To Make Money: Remote Jobs

Here are the 8 best online jobs from home that will help you start making money online as Digital Nomads Traveling through Flexjobs, Skillshare, Udemy doing remote jobs from around the world. 

In the midst of the pandemic, companies worldwide are taking a strain financially leaving employees without jobs or pay. 

Best Remote Online Jobs from home that will earn you money. Create passive income online business from home. J'adore SEO

Many employees have seen a reduction in their salaries or in some cases have been made redundant due to companies closing their doors in order to reduce the spread of infections resulting in financial instability and lack of resources.

Sadly, my organic online traffic to my online businesses (websites) is also affected causing a reduction in my income.  Also, a few of my friends who are currently living in Paris, Rome, Auckland, Australia, and the Philippines have also sadly lost their jobs overnight as a result of the global pandemic and the lockdown period enforced by the government.

In return, their companies were unable to support and pay their staff an ongoing salary.

They had asked for my assistance to help them find remote online jobs from home in order to sustain their families.  I searched endlessly on the internet and shared the results of online jobs that they could immediately apply for. 

Fortunately, a few of them have managed to land an online job via Flexjobs, Skillshare, Udemy, and a few other companies listed below. 

After helping my friends search for the best online jobs from home, I was then inspired to write this article and share all types of legitimate companies in hopes that you’ll be able to find flexible and remote work from home job that suits your lifestyle. 

The least I can do is to share various online work from home that we can do while being in lockdown during the uncertainty of the pandemic. 

As the pandemic outbreak grows, many people are no doubt turning to online jobs, income supplements, and working from home options due to sudden loss of income.

With hundreds and thousands infected with the pandemic worldwide, some people are also reluctant to take a people-centric job for fear of getting infected. 

Best Online Jobs From Home Work Allure Money Online Business J'adore SEO

However, we still need to live, eat, and survive and therefore we can’t stay alive or can’t afford to if our finances expire while we just sit at home and do nothing while waiting for the global pandemic to eradicate. 

We still need an alternative income for the foreseeable future.  Let’s all consider remote jobs during this pandemic era. 

What kind of jobs can we work online from home?  Below are some of the best online jobs from home that vary widely across many niches from virtual assistants, professionals, admin, teaching online, online businesses to trade positions. 

Best Work From Home Jobs Allure Money Online Business Jadore SEO

The best thing about these online jobs is that they can be done from home and from anywhere in the world without ever having to be seated next to your colleagues.  It’s definitely a perfect time to work from home in a time when social distancing seems to be the norm.

So what types of online jobs are available that we can immediately apply for and earn some income and most importantly continue to remain at home in safety?  It really depends on what you’re willing to take on, regardless of whether you have the skills or experience. 

Some online jobs still require experience or qualification (degree).  While other online businesses or online jobs don’t necessarily require any degree or experience as long as you’re willing to share your expertise, passion, learn, and work hard in order to succeed. 


8 Best Online Jobs From Home That Will Earn You Money


1. Flexjobs Best Online Jobs From Home: Work From Home Companies

How Flexjobs Works?

Flexjobs is a unique marketplace job service for both remote job seekers and employers (entrepreneurs or companies).  They offer a wide variety of 50+ job categories for remote work from home jobs that are manually hand-screened and curated to ensure that each job role and company is legitimate.

These jobs include Customer Service Representatives, digital marketing, social media managers, data entry jobs, and many more listed below.

Flexjobs also assist jobseekers to find flexible and professional remote jobs to fit your lifestyle.  These flexible and professional remote jobs are at the levels of your career, experience (with or without), and skills from entry-level to executive, part-time to full-time, in the U.S. and around the world.

The team at Flexjobs are all educated and trained researchers working endlessly in order to find and hand-screen the best flexible and remote jobs across 50+ career categories and job opportunities that suit you. 

So, what I love about Flexjobs is that you won’t find any junk or scam companies claiming to offer legitimate jobs from home.

Flexjobs was founded by Sara Sutton in 2007 to provide a more effective, trusted, and friendly way to find professional remote and flexible jobs. 

She created Flexjobs as she realized that millions of people are just as frustrated by scammers and non-existent jobs advertised online.  So she created this company to help people and find the solutions she was looking for.

Flexjobs first goal is to eliminate the key pain point of searching for legitimate remote and flexible job opportunities that are usually difficult and more time-consuming to find online. 

They work with thousands of corporate and small companies who post flexible and home-based remote jobs directly to their site.  

Their team is excellent at individually screening different companies when they post job listings that claim to be promising, as they scour deeper in great detail.  Once these companies pass Flexjobs’ required phase, then its highly educated and trained researchers will find the most direct way for you to apply for that job. 

The job role will only then be added to their site that comes with Flexjobs’ staff-written job descriptions, company details, company headquarters, and other valuable information.

Best Online Jobs From Home Work Allure Money Online Business J'adore SEO San Francisco USA 1

Flexjobs second goal is to offer remote home job seekers various important resources, tools, articles, and tips in order to support their job search online and find the most lucrative online jobs that fit their lifestyle. 

They offer all their job-seeker members a specialized job search checklist. 

They also offer amazing exclusive access to resume review, career coaching, expert skills test, educational articles, guides, and courses, webinars with top hiring companies, and many more. 

Flexjobs also offer fantastic member savings and discounts on over 60 vetted products and services that enable you to support your work and lifestyle.  

If you don’t have a qualification or if you simply just want to improve your skills and gain more knowledge on a specific subject, there are various online education courses from Coursera (Online Certificates and Degrees)Edureka, Udemy, Future Learn, International Open Academy, and Skillshare

These online education learning companies are amazing, as once you’ve completed your online courses and passed your exams, you’ll be able to utilize and apply your qualifications anywhere in the world whether it be an online job or not.

How To Make Money From Flexjobs?

The way you’ll earn money will depend on the company and the job role you apply for via Flexjobs.  You’ll either get paid on a weekly or monthly basis.

Here are some examples of different types of salaries based on the types of jobs or careers written by Flexjobs.

Customer Service Representatives

Average Salary: US$36,839/year

You can easily find a customer service representative job even if you have no experience as long as you can demonstrate excellent customer service via email, phone, chat, or social media.  Customer service rep jobs typically involve working for a product or service-based companies answering product questions, helping a customer resolve problems, and sometimes it may also potentially involve selling products or services to existing or potential customers.  

Search your future online jobs here.

Software Developers

Average Salary: US$69,687-$108,000/year

Software Developers‘ salary varies depending on the job title, experience, and skills in a variety of fields such as Database Intelligence, PHP developer, JavaScript developer, front-end and back-end developer, iOS developer, and to name a few. 

Most companies will require Information Technology or Software Engineering degrees, and work experience in order to work and perform their duties in either programming, developing architect software, apps, and other software products.

Search for more future online jobs in other categories here.

Virtual Assistants / Admin

Average Salary: US$34,587-$61,290/year

You can easily find a Virtual Assistant job even if you have no experience as long as you can demonstrate any transferable skills on your cover letter and resume. Virtual Assistant job salary will also vary depending on the company and your experience.  Some companies will pay higher than others. 

Most Virtual Assistant jobs involve an Admin Support role to companies, entrepreneurs, individuals, or teams.  Some tasks include handling or writing correspondence, email, booking travels, customer or client service support, answering phones, writing articles, managing internal company management, bookkeeping, and many more.

You can always work for as many or a few different companies as a Virtual Assistant to increase your earnings.  Virtual Assistant jobs are one of the most flexible jobs as you’ll be able to work for different companies doing multiple jobs at the same time provided you’re able to multitask. 

I know somebody who is currently earning at least $10k a month as a Virtual Assistant.  She’s able to accomplish this type of monthly salary as she works for multiple companies offering her Admin support role in various tasks.  She works at least 40 hours a week from the comfort of her own home, and sometimes she takes her work while traveling overseas.  

Medical Coder

Average Salary: US$40,590/year

Find out more details here.

Account Manager & Social Media Manager

Average Salary: US$52,263/year

Find out more here.

There are more other jobs with great pay in a variety of categories here that you can choose from.


2. Udemy Best Online Jobs From Home: Work From Home

What Is Udemy?

Udemy is another global leading marketplace that allows online tutors to publish their online classes and connect with millions of students that are interested to advance their careers, learn and improve their skills and succeed.

Teaching on Udemy will give you the opportunity to reach a global audience for your classes that otherwise you probably wouldn’t be able to.

There are tons of topics or subjects in various categories that you can teach on Udemy.  It really depends on what you’re good at, your level of experience, passion, and expertise.

You can help and inspire millions of people to learn new skills, advance their careers, or just even encourage them to explore their hobbies and other interesting topics by sharing your knowledge, skills, and passion.

Udemy is really easy to get started and plan your course.  You can easily organize your classes.  You can start teaching in your chosen topic and plan your lectures in Google docs, Excel, or in your notebook.

You can easily teach at any time, the way you want, and also create courses in multiple languages.  Udemy also offers free courses on how you can build your own courses with complete worksheets and real-life examples.  In addition to that, your dashboard and curriculum pages will also help keep you on track.

Best Work From Home Remote Jobs Allure Money Online Business Jadore SEO Durban South Africa

You can also record your courses on a video by using your smartphone or a DSLR camera wherever you are in the world.  However, if you’re not too comfortable with filming yourself, you can just use screencasting software, Camtasia to screenshot demos.

Udemy also has an amazing team and community that are available to help you at any time and offer a free review of your videos.

Udemy definitely offers an incredible opportunity to teach and publish your online courses in various topics or subjects, as you won’t ever run out of great ideas and you’ll be even inspired to help and share your skills at any level.

It’s free and easy to signup with Udemy, as they also offer tons of helpful tips, articles, and endless support to get you started with your online courses.

How To Make Money From Udemy?

The good thing about Udemy is that you set your own fee per online course.  Udemy has at least 30 million active students that are ready to enroll to advance their careers and learn new skills.  You will earn every time a student purchases your course.

Whatever fee you charge per course, you’ll be able to make money by the number of students that are enrolled in your classes or that purchase your courses.  For example, if one of your courses is $15 and there are 350 purchases or enrolled students in that month, you would have earned $5,250 in that month alone.

Your earnings won’t be the same per month, as it will always depend on the number of students that purchase your courses.  Of course, the more purchases you will receive the more money you’ll earn.

Sign up now with Udemy so you can get started with your online courses and start earning money online. 


3. Start An Online Business

How Does Online Business Work?

There are different types of online businesses, this includes a website or a blog about any niche or topic, an e-commerce online store selling any products or services online, and to name a few that you can create passive income.  

Online Business is conducted entirely on the internet where products or services are marketed by the owners, purchased products or services online by consumers, and shipping delivery is organized once orders have been placed and paid online.

Anyone can start an online business whether you still have a job or not, it’s totally up to you.  If you don’t have the capital to start an e-commerce online store selling products, you can start a website (blog) that does not cost a lot of money to set up.

Alternatively, a dropshipping online business model is also viable if you have limited cash, however, you would need to source reputable suppliers to ship your products directly to your customers.

The easiest and cheapest way to start an online business is by creating your website (blog) which is the best way to create passive income and make money online in your chosen brand, niche, or topic. 

If you’re skilled or experienced at something, you can create a website and write content based on the topics you’re interested in, your skills, and your experience.  

If you’re also passionate about something (for instance traveling, cooking, staying healthy, exercising, fitness, your career, or education), you can then create a website and produce as much content based on those topics.

Here is an in-depth article that I’ve written on how to start an online business, website, or blog that might help you get started.  

Best Online Jobs From Home Remote Work Allure Money Online Business J'adore SEO Rome Italy

How To Make Money From An Online Business?

How To Make Money Blogging?

There are several ways to earn money from an online business.  The best thing about having an online business is that you can make money from multiple streams of income, such as:

Display Advertisements: Once you have enough content and sessions on your website (blog), you can start earning money from display advertisements through Google Adsense, Ezoic, Mediavine, Adthrive, and other ads companies.  

Try to hustle and create as much good-quality content with great SEO on your website.  But remember that it would take some time to start ranking on Google, and you won’t earn money overnight or immediately.  

Affiliate Marketing: You can sign up for any affiliate marketing services or products from any brands or companies so you can promote other people’s products or services through content marketing and earn a commission. 

Basically, you write content or blog posts based on other people’s products you’re promoting.  It can be a review article or simply just mentioning the product on a post.

Selling your own products: You can start selling your own products or services on your website or e-commerce online store.

Dropshipping: If you don’t want to handle or ship the products yourself, you can find a reputable manufacturer that you can partner with so they can ship your customers’ orders. 

A dropshipping store is also an online store, the only difference is that you don’t handle the logistic side of it.  But otherwise, all the transactional orders will be done directly on your website.  You just need to pay your supplier for the price of the manufactured product and the shipping fee.

Sponsorships: You can also earn money through sponsorships by promoting brands, products, or services on your website’s posts.  The brand will usually pay you per project or sometimes through commission.  It really depends on the contract between you and the brand itself.

9 Steps To Make Money Blogging: There are other ways to make money on an online business also aside from the common methods that are mentioned above.  I will probably write a separate post on how to make money through online business and elaborate more details on this. 


4. Upwork

What is Upwork?

Upwork is a marketplace for businesses or entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent professionals.  Upwork allows these businesses, freelancers, and independent professionals to connect with all their hiring needs, expertise, work experience, and work requirements to be done online.

Through Upwork, a variety of job seekers are able to submit their work applications advertised by all types of businesses or employers.  Business owners are also able to contact or connect directly with job seekers provided they meet all the work criteria for their business or role.

When you signup with Upwork, you will be able to set up your profile where you can also add your bio, expertise, skills, work experience, degree, or qualification (if you have any).  You may also be able to upload your resume (CV) and a cover letter.  I highly recommend setting up your profile properly in order to be marketable.

Not all companies require experience or qualification (certificates or degrees) to be able to land a job via Upwork.  When you apply for a job on Upwork ensure that you follow or answer the required criteria from the employers.  Some employers may require you to submit a cover letter and a resume (CV) depending on the types of jobs you’re applying for online. 

If you currently don’t have any qualifications, you can easily study online to improve your skills in order to gain more knowledge and become more marketable to potential employers. You can find out more online education courses from Coursera (Online Certificates and Degrees)Edureka, Udemy, Future Learn, International Open Academy, and Skillshare.  These online education learning companies will help you to enhance your knowledge and skill, and will also enable you to apply what you’ve learned from your online courses in your online jobs.  

Best Working From Home Remote Jobs J'adore SEO Office Content Marketing

There are tons of opportunities on Upwork in a wide range of category that fits your skills.  This includes virtual assistants (admin support, customer service, personal assistant, data support, technical support), transcriptionist, receptionist, sales and marketing, accounting and consulting, design and creative, writers, translators, legal, website, mobile and software developer, IT and Networking, Data Science and Analytics, Engineering and Architecture and many more.

How To Make Money From Upwork?

In your Upwork profile, you can set your hourly rate (e.g. $20/hr) so employers can easily see and evaluate whether it suits their budget or not. 

Alternatively, if you apply for a job, some employers will set their project fees for the duration of the specific project (e.g. $1000 for two weeks – a project must be submitted in two weeks once successfully hired). 

Another way to earn money is by setting up your fixed rate for each project or work.  An example of this is if you charge a $30 fixed rate for a Content Marketing project. 


5. Skillshare

What Is SkillShare?

Skillshare is an online learning community that allows you to teach by sharing your expertise, passion, skills, give back and live a full life and in return earn money.  

You don’t necessarily need to have a teaching degree in order to create courses or classes and teach on Skillshare as long as you’re willing to share your experience, skills and be creative in order to inspire and teach curious individuals.

You can easily signup here with Skillshare to start your class.

What I love about Skillshare is that you can offer courses in a diverse category. 

This includes animation, creative writing, dance, illustration, marketing, graphic design, business, freelance, entrepreneurship, interior design, fine art, music, web design, IT, photography, lifestyle, fashion, and many other courses that you have in mind.

Here are some examples for my courses or classes that I can teach via Skillshare – I enjoy inspiring and teaching people to create their online business, content marketing, creative writing, showcasing different fashion outfits, playing the piano, and dancing (salsa, bachata, Zumba, and belly dance).

How To Make Money From Skillshare?

The way you’ll earn money from Skillshare is by the number of minutes watched by Premium students in your courses or classes each month

For example, you can earn $0.05 to $0.10 per minute-watched.  What this means is that if your Premium students have watched 15k minutes of your class in the first month, you’ll be able to earn between $750 to $1500. 

These monthly earnings will vary per month depending on the number of students and minutes watched and classes.  

The more courses you also upload the more earnings you will also earn.  Most teachers on Skillshare have multiple courses on various topics.  While other teachers only have one course that’s already earning them a full-time income. 

Now imagine if one of your courses or even a few of your courses are being watched by hundreds or thousands of students and minutes watched per month, you’ll definitely be earning at least $5000 or more per month.

Even if you don’t publish a class in the coming months, your Skillshare classes will still earn you money for every minute watched, forever. 

According to Skillshare, 40% of teachers who made $1000 to $5000 in the previous months did not publish a new class and are still earning money. This is what you call passive income for months and years to come.  

If you put in the hard work in the beginning, you’d be surprised how much you can earn as time goes on.  There are lots of teachers on Skillshare that have been making a full-time income and being able to travel the world, pay their bills, rent, or mortgage.


6. Palfish

How Does Palfish Work?

Palfish works as an interactive app and educational platform that provides English Teachers to teach Chinese Kids on a mobile or tablet from the comfort of your own home in order to help young students achieve their English goals.  

Palfish provides a platform for audio or video calling, creating lessons, setting up a live feed, and setting up your class schedule for your students.  Teachers are also able to connect with other teachers and students.  

Palfish was founded in 2015, to this day, the platform (app) continues to grow, constantly hiring online teachers, and providing teachers with a variety of opportunities to teach online from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your own home.

What I love about Palfish is that they create materials and slides for your students, and deliver extensive and personalized English education on their powerful online education system and application.  They use the US Common Core State Standards as a model. 

The working hours are also flexible as it gives you the opportunity to work from the conform of your home or anywhere in the world.  You can easily set your own schedule, though some of the popular times would have to be in China’s time zone.

Palfish also gives you the opportunity to self-brand, and market your brand by posting messages, posts, audio, and video in the moments’ section on the app.  This, in turn, helps increase your exposure and attract more students.

There are also two types of Palfish teaching roles.  These are regular teachers and Palfish official course instructors.  Every teacher on Palfish is considered a regular teacher.  When you start teaching on the Official Kids Course, you’ll be known as a Palfish official course instructor.


There are only a few requirements for Palfish in order to get accepted and start teaching English through the app on your mobile or tablet.

Native speakers with a neutral accent from US/UK/Canada/Australia/NZ/Ireland.  If you’re from any of these countries, you should be able to apply easily.

Currently holding teaching certificates in either (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA) or a teacher’s license.  However, if you currently don’t have any of these teaching certificates, you can easily get your 120 Hour Accredited TESOL Certificate Online Course.  

Find out here for more information as to why this TESOL or TELF accredited online course is so valuable worldwide not just for teaching but for other opportunities as well.  Once you’ve completed your course and passed your exams, you will then receive your certificate.

How To Make Money From Palfish?

You will earn approximately US$16-$22 per hour. 


7. Lingoda Best Online Jobs From Home

How Does Lingoda Work?

provides teachers the ultimate flexibility to teach languages to adult students online at the comfort of their own home anywhere in the world.

Languages are available in English, Business English, German, Spanish, and French taught by qualified and native-speaking teachers.  Their mission is to empower anyone with a busy lifestyle to master and achieve a language anytime and anywhere.


Lingoda requires a teacher to have either a TESOL or TEFL certificate or a university degree.  You can find out more information here.

If you have no teaching certificate, you can simply study the 120 hours TESOL/TEFL online course that allows you to gain the knowledge of teaching English.  You will then receive your certificate once you’ve completed your classes and pass your exam.

You don’t necessarily need to be tech-savvy in order to teach online on Lingoda.  You must have a reliable computer and internet connection.  You should have some basic knowledge of MS Office as you will need to review any teaching materials.

You must also enjoy interacting and teaching adult students online and be excited about your upcoming lessons with your students. 

If you’re passionate about meeting new people, learning different languages and cultures you’ll also find it easier to connect with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

You can try to submit your application here as you never know if you’ll get accepted or not.  You’ve got nothing to lose.  Good luck! 


8. Writers Work

What Is Writers Work?

Writers Work is an online service that provides an all-in-one platform for writers.  They scour the web for all relevant writing jobs and deliver them to your dashboard.  

They also make it easy to find websites that will publish your articles even if you’re a first-time writer.  Yes, that’s right, you don’t necessarily be a good writer as long as you can write and formulate sentences.  Anyone can join Writers Work as long as you enjoy writing.

They also have a built-in grammar checker to ensure that your articles make sense with good spelling, which is perfect if you’re a first-time writer.  

You can easily create and show off your work with a professional online portfolio that puts your articles in the best light as possible.

You can sign up with Writers Work on a one-time payment of $47 or pay $15 per month.  This allows you to access and work as a writer.  You can find out more information here and see if it’s suitable for you.

How To Make Money From Writers Works?

As a freelance writer on Writers Works, you will be paid in a variety of ways either by the hour, by the project or even by the word count.  This depends on the rates you set, and therefore there’s no fixed rate for everyone.

Your level of experience as a writer is also a factor.  For example, if you’re a beginner writer with no experience you may set your rate slightly lower as compared to some writers who are more experienced, their rate can be higher.  

The types of writing work you’re offering can also be a factor, as it may require a higher certain level of research, expertise, experience, skills, or technical writing skills.  Therefore, this will tend to be higher rates as compared to less demanding types of writing skills.  

You can try browsing here for some examples of similar jobs to give you an idea of how much you should be charging for your writing work. 


Good luck On Your Online Jobs!

I hope that this list of the best online jobs from home will give you the opportunity to explore other careers and avenues in your chosen field.  I will be adding more lists of work from home jobs on this website.  So keep an eye out for that.

We know how hard it is during these trying times with the challenges we are currently facing with the pandemic.  

This pandemic has definitely caused a massive global impact on everyone’s livelihoods, careers, and finances. 

However, we just need to stay positive, as there is always an upside to self-isolation or lockdown. 

With less travel, commute, pollution, and human activity, mother nature and the earth are slowly recovering, and in return allows us to reflect on all the things we’ve done in our lives. 

It also gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate our choices in life, our chosen career, and jobs. 

It will also give us the opportunity to explore and work on other jobs especially online jobs from home where it allows us to stay in our own bubble and be isolated from the world as it seems to be the norm these days.

Until then let’s hope and pray that the pandemic will be eradicated soon, so we can have a sense of normality and start traveling again. 

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